Calculation of Grade Point Average (GPA)

Grade points and grade point averages (GPA) are used for many purposes:

  1. self-assessment of progress by students
  2. advising and counseling
  3. recognition of excellence in academic work
  4. eligibility for programs sponsored by various external agencies such as colleges and universities to which students transfer
  5. various scholarships
  6. financial aid programs funded by government units.

The GPA is computed by multiplying the point value by the number of credits and dividing the total points by the total number of credits, e.g.

5 credits of “A” = 5 credits x 4 quality points = 20

10 credits of “B-” = 10 credits  x 2.67 quality points = 26.7

5 credits of “D+”= 5 credits x 1.33 quality points = 6.65

20 total credits = 53.35 total quality points

53.35 quality points divided by 20 credits = 2.67 GPA

The GPA calculation for financial aid recipients is computed on all courses undertaken. “I” and “W” grades received and recorded are included in the computation of a GPA only when the GPA is utilized to determine a student’s financial aid standing. (See the Satisfactory Academic Progress for Financial Aid Recipient.)

A student’s cumulative GPA is calculated using all courses taken at Nicolet College regardless of the year in which the courses were taken. Only the highest grade will be used for GPA calculations for courses repeated at Nicolet. Grades received at other higher education institutions are not used in the academic GPA calculation for Nicolet College.