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Graduate Followup




DEFINITIONS   Number of Graduates — Count of program graduates as of survey date. Students graduating from more than one program during the year are counted only once, in the highest level program as determined by the WTCS.  Total in Labor Force — Portion of survey respondents either employed or seeking employment.  Employed — Portion of survey respondents available for employment reporting full- or part-time employment approximately 6 months after graduation.  Employed in Related Occupation — Portion of survey respondents reporting employment who have a job related to their specific program of study.  Median Annual Wage — Of graduates reporting full- time, related jobs, this is the annualized salary of the middle graduate when salaries are ranked from low to high. Values are not shown when fewer than four graduates reported wage information.

ABOUT THE DATA  This is a summary of employment-related findings from the WTCS Graduate Follow-Up Survey for graduates of Summer 2013, Fall 2013, and Spring 2014.  All graduates were surveyed via phone and/or mail at approximately 6 months after graduation.


View and print detailed Graduate Followup of individual programs (PDF).