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Technical Diploma - 24 credits


Attend Saturday classes and start on your path to a Preschool technical diploma (see Saturday courses below). This industry-recognized credential provides the skills necessary for entry-level employment in the field and all courses apply to the next level of degree. For more information on all of the courses in the Preschool technical program, view the program curriculum.

Possible Careers

  • Preschool Teacher
  • Preschool Teacher Assistant
  • Head Start Teacher Assistant

View Gainful Employment Information

The information is provided as a federal requirement in an effort to help students make informed educational decisions. Specifically, Gainful Employment aims to provide information related to future potential debt burden in comparison to the expected earnings in a chosen program or field.

Spring 2015 Saturday Early Childhood Education Classes

10-307-166 Curriculum Planning
Section #6487
Jan. 10 - 31

10-307-188 Guiding Child Behavior
Section #6488
Feb. 14 - Mar. 7

10-307-178 Art, Music, and Language
Section #6489
Mar. 21 - Apr. 18

10-307-179 Childhood Development
Section #6533
Apr. 25 - May 16


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