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Cosmetology Curriculum

Effective June 1, 2014

Cosmetology Courses

31-502-305-00 Cosmetology Professional Development
Provides an overview of the profession, an introduction to basic requirements of the program, and the use of informational resources on Nicolet Campus. Cosmetology students only. Lecture. 1 credit.

31-502-309-00 Hair Sculpting 2 and Hair Styling
Builds on Hair Sculpting to perform full-service haircuts and styles. Create designs using a variety of forms and techniques. Each design will include all the aspects of full-services from greeting, consultation, delivery, and completion. Trends in haircutting and styling will be covered. Lecture. 2 credits.

31-502-310-00 Male Hair Cutting
Students analyze hair growth patterns of hairline, sideburns, and facial hair for the male client. Student complete flat tops, crew cuts, and beard and moustache trims. Pre/corequisites: 31-502-305, 31-502-312, 31-502-314, and 31-502-311. Lecture/Lab. 3 credits.

31-502-311-00 Hair and Scalp Care
Teaches students to recognize how to care for the hair and scalp by doing an evaluation of the hair composition, structure, and condition of the scalp for the purpose of product selection. Proper drape, shampoo, and scalp massage are performed along with infection control and salon safety. Cosmetology students only. Lecture/Lab. 2 credits.

31-502-312-00 Basic Hair Sculpting
Covers a scientific approach to hair sculpting (cutting) through the use of art forms, analysis of design component, and knowledge of face profiles. Including practical concepts of sculpting (cutting) techniques that include a solid form, increased layer, graduation, and a uniform layer are performed using a variety of tools. Cosmetology students only. Lecture/Lab. 2 credits.

31-502-313-00 Chemical Serivces 2
Students build on permanent waving techniques, color techniques, perform chemical relaxing, and soft curl reformation. Students will incorporate consultation and analysis skills to choose the best product and techniques to meet the needs of the clients. 31-502-313 Pre/Co-requisites. Lecture. 2 credits.

31-502-314-00 Chemical Services 1
Students perform chemical services using permanent waving and hair coloring techniques. Students wrap and process hair to permanently curl into different curl and design textures. Students identify the chemicals used in permanent waving and hair coloring services. Students practice client consultations and all safety and sanitation procedures. Cosmetology students only. Lecture. 2 credits.

31-502-316-00 Manicure and Pedicure
Focuses on sanitation, tool safety, and proper procedure for manicure/pedicure services and the art and technology of nail contouring. Students learn to shape natural nails and the correct use of professional nail care products. Nail enhancement techniques are practiced to show students increased earning potential when working a salon. Pre/corequisites: 31-502-305, 31-502-312, 31-502-314, and 31-502-311. Lecture/Lab. 2 credits.

31-502-317-00 Facials
Provides an introduction to facial skin care with cosmetic creams, facial masks, light ray therapy, and massage techniques to preserve or correct facial skin. Special makeup applications are studied to enhance good facial features and de-emphasize others. Pre/corequisites: 31-502-358, 31-502-346, 31-502-330, and 31-503-316. Lecture/Lab. 3 credits.

31-502-318-00 Salon Serivces 2
Provide services to guests in school salon under supervision of instructor, providing manicuring, pedicuring, cutting, styling, scalp treatments, hair color, and chemical texturizing. 31-502-318 Pre/Co-requisites. Lab. 3 credits.

31-502-319-00 Chemical Services 3
Problem-solving aspects of color correction and challenges in chemical texturizing and hair color services. Observe and research trends and techniques in chemical services within a salon setting. Create a marketable look using theoretical knowledge, application techniques in chemical texturizing, and hair color. Pre/co
requisites: 31-502-371, 31-502-317, and 31-502-368. Lecture. 2 credits.

31-502-330-00 Salon Services 3
Under direct supervision of an instructor, students will provide services to clients in school salon. A full menu of services will be provided. Pre/corequisites: 31-502-305, 31-502-312, 31-502-314, and 31-502-311. Clinical. 2 credits.

31-502-331-00 Salon Services 6
Integrated the theory, practice, and reflection of coursework by providing services to guests in school. Services will be offered on the student meeting minimum competence requirements. Pre/corequisites: 31-502-348 and 31-502-319. Clinical. 3 credits.

31-502-335-00 Cosmetology Law and Mock Board Prep
Recognize cosmetology state statutes and rules to safely perform services in the industry. Study Wisconsin Statutes and Administrative Code Book relating to the practice of cosmetology. Review all state board required procedures. Practical and written assessment of all state board subjects. Prepare and submit materials for state board exams. Pre/corequisites: 31-502-348 and 31-502-319. Lecture. 1 credit.

31-502-346-00 Hairstyling 2
Study the composition and construction of a variety of wigs and hairpieces to make effective choices for salon guests. Employ design principles of balance, contrast, repetition, and asymmetry to create long hair designs for weddings, prom, and formal evenings. Pre/corequisites: 31-502-305, 31-502-312, 31-502-314, and 31-502-311. Lecture/Lab. 2 credits.

31-502-348-00 Salon Services 5
Students continue developing speed and proficiency in all areas of the advanced salon services-chemical services, cutting, barbering techniques, color, nail technology, and skin care with increased attention to individual client needs. Working together as a team and in cooperation with other students, students will be assessed on professional attitude, ethics, and conduct. Pre/corequisites: 31-502-371, 31-502-317, and 31-502-368. Clinical. 3 credits.

31-502-358-00 Product Knowledge
Provides students the opportunity to learn methods of product presentation and ways to educate the client about professional products. Students study the connection between retailing client retention, effective product consultation, and increased earning potential. Pre/corequisites: 31-502-305, 31-502-312, 31-502-314, and 31-502-311. Lecture. 1 credit.

31-502-368-00 Salon Services 4
Under the direct supervision of an instructor, students will provide services to clients in school salon. A full menu of services will be provided. Pre/corequisites: 31-502-358, 31-502-346, 31-502-330, and 31-502-316. Clinical. 2 credits.

31-502-370-00 Salon Fundamentals
Prepares students for salon work by spending time with salon mentors learning salon safety, salon sanitation, customer communication, and procedures used when performing salon services. Aspects of successful salon ownership and management will be studied. Cosmetology students only. Lecture/Clinical. 1 credit.

31-502-371-00 Salon Insight
Introduces students to the beauty industry, how to job search, and professional relationships. Develop a portfolio, including resume, cover letter, and other pictures to use when seeking employment. Mock interviews will help with the transformation. Pre/corequisites: 31-502-358, 31-502-307, 31-502-346, and 31-502-316. Lecture/Clinical. 1 credit.

31-502-372-00 Salon Ecology
Introduces students to salon safety and sanitation. Presents three main concepts: microbiology, infection control, and first aid safety. Students can study ecology in the classroom and the salon. Pre/corequisites: 31-502-309, 31-502-310, and 31-502-378. Lecture/Clinical. 1 credit.

31-502-378-00 Salon Services 1
Consultation and analysis skills will be practiced first on fellow students and models in the salon atmosphere, with aspects of a salon experience, from greeting to completion, with maximum supervision. Study how personality and teamwork contribute to both personal and professional success with the salon business. Pre/corequisites: 31-502-305, 31-502-312, 31-502-314, and 31-502-311. Clinical. 2 credits.

31-801-305-00 Applied Communication Listening Speaking
Emphasizes effective listening and speaking skills required for job performance and satisfaction. Those skills include interviewing for a job, communicating in the work place, and securing a job promotion. Lecture. 2 credits.

31-806-355-00 Biology for Cosmetology
Students study basic structures and functions of the human body relevant to the barbering/cosmetology profession. Studies contamination spread of disease, and precautions to take to protect the clients and practitioners. Cosmetology students only. Lecture. 1 credit.