Community Art Events

School of the Arts

UWSP Treehaven Campus & Downtown Rhinelander

UWSP Treehaven Campus & Downtown Rhinelander Nicolet College joins ArtStart, the Rhinelander District Library, and the University of Wisconsin Continuing Studies Division to host The School of the Arts; three days of art classes ranging from printmaking to poetry led by artists from across the region. Open to artists of all levels.

Culture Tap

An innovative partnership between Nicolet College, ArtStart, and the School District of Rhinelander will bring international and regional artists to the Northwoods offering community education and elementary artist residencies with a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering,  Art, and Mathematics) focus. Culture Tap’s first artist is Takayuki Ishii, Japanese indigo dye artisan.

Lounge Nights

Join us as we transform the Northwoods Center into a dynamic space for fun, friendship, and a relaxing night out. View the current art on display, enjoy refreshments, and listen to music from WXPR celebrity DJs. Each evening is designed around a different theme from our favorite eras.


Enjoy featured art on campus all year long.


Featured at the Lakeside Center

Takayuki Ishii runs an indigo dyeing workshop in the mountainous area of Kanagawa Prefecture in Japan. Using traditional techniques and material of Japanese indigo dyeing, Ishii grows, harvests, and processes his own plants to make the dye vat. He is also skilled in various resist techniques used to dye threads for weaving and whole cloth including Shibori and Katazome. His decision to follow a traditional path of dyeing was inspired by his concerns about sustainability and processes that would not threaten the environment. Ishii’s textiles will be displayed during the fall and winter of 2019. 


Featured campus-wide

This project began on a whim when musician Nate Sheppard received a text from his brother, Daniel. It was a custom-made image of a fake album cover that Daniel designed out of boredom. Naturally, a fake album cover needs fake music to go with it and thus Fake Songs for Fake Album Covers was born. Originally intended to be merely a bizarre creative outlet for the artists, it was only the start of what was to become a large multimedia project spanning genres and giving artists the opportunity to improve their crafts. The project now consists of over 10 album covers and songs, and is a case study in the value of simply creating something. Discover this project throughout campus during the 2019-2020 academic year.


Featured campus-wide

In the summer of 2019, Headwaters Photography Club spent time on the Nicolet Campus observing the flora and fauna of our beautiful Northwoods home. These images will be printed in large format and displayed on the windows of campus buildings throughout the fall and winter of 2019.