Tuesday Classes

Classes with maximum limits are filled in the order they are received. You will be notified if a class you registered for is already full.

TED Talks Eagle River

Donna DePape
January 22, 29
February 5
9:30 am
Eagle River First Congregational
United Church of Christ,
Fellowship Hall
Host: Ingrid Stephan

Whether it’s a presentation about nature’s elegant solutions to perplexing design questions, amazing photos of the universe, or an exquisite violinist playing her way through a deep depression, we know we’ll be entertained and engaged. We usually watch four talks per session which are loosely connected by a theme. After each talk we take time to share our reactions. Those conversations can be as interesting as the presentations. Maximum: 40

Changing Careers in Mid-Life

Mother Meredyth Albright and
Greg Dahl, RN
February 12
1:30 pm
St. Augustine Episcopal Church,
Guild Hall
Host: Mary Grieco
715.362.4040 Cell 715.360.4646

From newspaper editor to Episcopal priest and from professional chef to registered nurse, two Northwoods residents explain the motivation and inspiration that led them to make major career changes later in life. Come join our presenters as they share their life-changing experiences. Maximum: 80

What it Takes to Be a Foster Parent

Sunny and Pete Biolo
February 26
9:30 am
Pine Lake Town Hall
Host: Mary Grieco
715.362.4040 Cell 715.360.4646

For 35 years, a Rhinelander couple has opened their home to foster children. They will talk about the joys and challenges of being foster parents and explain today’s needs.

Just Cataracts!

Walt Gager, MD
February 26
1:30 pm
Pine Lake Town Hall
Host: Margaret Barnes
715.420.1630 Cell 715.369.2435

Within this title we will review the embryology of the human eye, find out exactly what makes a cataract tick, and learn about the types of cataracts and the care of each. This will include the past, present, and future of cataract surgery. Questions will be welcome.

Hi-Tech Logging in the Northwoods - Class is full but waiting list is available

Angie Dreifuerst
March 5
1:30 pm
Host: Mary Grieco
715.362.4040 Cell 715.360.4646

Paul Bunyan would be amazed, and so will you, to see how far logging techniques have come. You’re invited to tour the facilities of Ponsse, a logging equipment company from Finland, which has been doing business in the Northwoods since 1997. Maximum: 30

Strength Training for Seniors - Class is full but waiting list is available

Larry Sparling
March 12 and 26 (choose one)
12:30 pm
YMCA of the Northwoods
Host: Chris and Jane Sharkey
715.369.1117 Cell 719.216.2127

As we age, we can lose some of the muscle strength we prided ourselves in when we were younger. Our presenter is a personal trainer and wellness coach. Whether your goal is building muscle, gaining strength, or losing fat, he can help you achieve lasting results. Maximum: 20

ArtStart: Collection of Haitian Art

ArtStart Staff
April 2
4 pm
Host: Yvonne Klappa

ArtStart features a collection of 40 years of Haitian Art on loan from the Waterloo Center for the Arts including paintings, textiles, sculptures, and paper mache. ArtStart staff will provide background, a guided tour, and refreshments. Maximum: 40

The Future From the Past: How Earlier Generations Envisioned the Future

Gary Entz
April 9
1:30 pm
Pine Lake Town Hall
Host: Charlotte Schneider
Cell 715.499.0785

We’ll examine some of the predictions of the future as made over the course of the 20th century. The inspiration for this presentation is an early 1950s Readers Digest article that confidently predicted “The Super Smooth Highways of 1975.” We still don’t have them, but other predictions did pan out correctly. What predictions succeeded and which failed? It will be a visual look at what past predictors saw for the future.

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