Thursday Classes

Classes with maximum limits are filled in the order they are received. You will be notified if a class you registered for is already full.

Pirate Ship Cruise

Captain Steve Strauss
Choose one of two sessions:
• September 13, 10 am
• September 13, 1 pm

Eagle River Pirates
Host: Chris and Jane Sharkey
715.369.1117 Cell 719.216.2127

Ahoy! Ride the high seas aboard the William Charles. This is a unique opportunity to view the lakes of the Eagle River Chain. If you like, bring picnic snacks and eat aboard or ashore. Captain Steve and his first mate, dressed in full pirate regalia, will narrate the interesting shoreline and history of the popular chain of lakes. This is a must do experience if you haven’t done this before! Please include an $18 fee with your registration; choose from a morning or afternoon cruise. This class was sold out in Fall of 2017. Maximum: 25


Kretz Lumber and Sawmill Tour

Troy Brown
September 20 (FULL)
1:30 - 4 pm

Kretz Lumber Company
Host: Ernie Schluter

This Antigo company started in 1929 by Joseph and Myrtle Kretz along with their three sons. We’ll begin in the sawmill, then tour the dry kilns and delve into the science of drying lumber to be used for cabinets, home millwork, flooring, and furniture. The manufacturing tour will finish in the planer mill that preps the kiln dried lumber for shipment to customers. We will end our tour with a short walk to the Ray Kretz Industrial Forest and walk through the woods learning about the science of forestry. There will be numerous stops to describe quality management, overstory removals, group selection harvesting, forest economics, and wildlife. Plan on attending this very interesting tour! Maximum: 40


Holmboe Conifer Forest State Natural Area Hike

Bryan Pierce
September 27
9:30 am

Holmboe Conifer Forest State Natural Area
Host: Pat Zatopa
715.282.6925 Cell 715.360.2936

Hike a developed trail across hilly terrain and boardwalks through Holmboe Conifer Forest State Natural Area located minutes from downtown Rhinelander. Bryan Pierce, Executive Director of the Northwoods Land Trust, property manager of this forest, will describe the natural features of the land including old-growth northern forest types. Bryan will talk about the Land Trust’s work promoting conservation of natural shorelands, woodlands, and wetlands in the Northwoods. Experience the scenic beauty of the Eagle River Chain of Lakes and learn about this natural resource gem during the Pirate Ship Cruise Sept. 13.


Everyone Deserves Shelter

Tammy A. Modic, MSW
September 27
1 pm

YMCA of the Northwoods
Host: Chris and Jane Sharkey

Frederick Place exists to provide safe housing and basic needs to families and individuals who are experiencing homelessness, within an atmosphere of encouragement, respect, dignity, and hope. This 16-bed emergency, temporary housing option has been in Rhinelander since 2009. Faith communities, social service agencies, educational institutions, health care facilities, local law enforcement, and other human service organizations work alongside NATH (Northwoods Alliance for Temporary Housing) to promote self-sufficiency and independence for those experiencing homelessness. NATH’s history, funding, and fundraising efforts will be presented. The audience will also have the opportunity to hear the stories of those who have benefited from NATH services. Maximum: 40


Senior Weight Loss – Oh, Yes You Can!

Marilyn Duschl
October 4

12:30 pm
YMCA of the Northwoods
Host: Chris and Jane Sharkey

If you are struggling to lose extra pounds or feel like your weight is a limiting factor in living an independent and healthy life, this could be just what you need to jump start your weight loss. The number one health issue for many older adults is being overweight. This increases your risk for heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, type 2 diabetes, cancer, arthritis, sleep apnea, and many more. Older adults face unique challenges when trying to lose weight. We will look at your eating and exercise habits and suggest changes that may be just what you need to say Oh, Yes I Can! Presenter Marilyn Duschl is the Active Older Adult Coordinator and Silver Sneakers Advisor at the YMCA of the Northwoods. Maximum: 40

Behind the Scenes at Election Time

Val Foley
October 11
9:30 am

Rhinelander City Hall Council Chambers
Host: Mary Grieco

715.362.4040 Cell 715.360.4646

Get a firsthand look at the many intricacies involved in preparing for an election and how local government prepares for the voting process. Rhinelander City Clerk Val Foley will take us through the steps that must be taken to guarantee a valid election. Maximum: 50


31st Annual Northern National Art Competition Exhibit

Katy Ralph
Choose one of two sessions:
• Monday, October 8, 1 pm
• Thursday, October 11, 1 pm Nicolet College

Northwoods Center, room 210
Host: Brenda Peltier 715.365.4491 Cell 651.226.9700

Join Katy Ralph, Nicolet College Art Gallery Director, as she guides us through an exhibit of one of the premiere art competitions in the state. The show will feature artists from coast to coast, including many from our local area. Come with curiosity, leave with a deeper understanding and appreciation of top-shelf art in a wide variety of mediums. The exhibit opens with a gala reception on Saturday, Sept. 29 and closes Friday, Nov. 9. Visit for more information about the gala reception. Maximum: 20


Parents Have Always Cringed at Their Kids’ Music

Jim Pekol
October 18
9:30 am
Pine Lake Town Hall

Host: Margaret Barnes 715.420.1630

Can you guess the most popular dance tune at the beginning of the 1900s? Do you remember when the Big Band sound made the scene? And what did your parents say when Elvis and his swiveling hips were all the rage? Local bandmaster Jim Pekol will rekindle musical memories as he takes a look at how trends in music have evolved over the years, right down to what our grandkids are tuning in. You’ll also hear a familiar song or two.


Poland Travelogue

Petra Pietrzak
October 18
1 pm
Pine Lake Town Hall

Host: Joan Schluter 715.282.6435

Come along on a pictorial journey through modern-day Poland, intermingled with memories of past trips taken during the Communist era. We’ll explore some of Poland’s history, geography, culture, politics, and cuisine. Share in the personal journey that brought Petra’s family members from the US and Poland together for the first time.


Golden Harvest Tour

Timothy or Nikki Conjurske
October 25 (FULL)
10 am

Golden Harvest
Host: Walt Gager 715.369.1942

The Golden Harvest Market in Rhinelander is a unique and popular destination for many. Individuals on this tour will learn about the store’s history and get an insider’s look at the complex operations that bring in an impressive and wide variety of fresh, natural, and organic foods. And yes, you’ll find out where those eclectic, larger-than-life statues of a Yeti and the like outside the store actually come from. Maximum: 25


Being Human: Life Lessons from the Frontiers of Science – Part 2

Michael Shores
November 1, 8, 15
9:30 am
First Congregational United
Church of Christ
Host: Michael Shores

Each of the six lectures this semester stands on its own. Dr. Robert Sapolsky examines the neurochemistry of the pursuit of happiness, the cultural reasons we go to great risk to retrieve the bodies of our dead, the ties between socioeconomic status and health, how our bodies affect our moods, how our senses can affect judgments, and why some of us experience diminished openness and avoid novelty as we age. This is a DVD course. Maximum: 40


Hope for Kids in Trouble

Apryl Rickert and Kim Haugen
November 1
1:30 pm
Pine Lake Town Hall
Host: Gerald Anderson

Apryl Rickert and Kim Haugen from Oneida County Social Services will provide a look at the many types of journeys young offenders take as they travel through the criminal justice system. Learn about the history of juvenile courts, the focus on rehabilitation, current problems the system faces, and what lies ahead for juvenile courts. The presenters speak from their many years of experience working with juvenile offenders and their families.


Who Dunnit?

Bernadette Stoehr
November 8
1:30 pm
Pine Lake Town Hall

Host: Chris and Jane Sharkey 715.369.1117

Bernadette Stoehr is an investigator with the Oneida County Medical Examiner office. Hear about what it’s like to be the first person on a crime scene, what law enforcement looks for, and what evidence needs to be preserved. During this session Stoeher will create a virtual crime scene and participants will have the chance to re-enact what happened and try to determine the cause of death. If you like mystery, forensics, and facts stranger than fiction, you’ll enjoy helping us find “who dunnit.”


Unique Urns

Steve Patton
November 15
1:30 pm
Pine Lake Town Hall

Host: Chris and Jane Sharkey 715.369.1117

Distinctive hardwood cremation urns thoughtfully handcrafted in the Northwoods of Wisconsin will be the focus of this presentation. Using domestic woods such as cherry, maple, walnut, and hickory as well as unique exotics like African Lacewood, Makore, and Brazilian Cherry, Steve is able to create unique and customized urns including several designs that incorporate classic elements of Northwoods nature. The presentation will include the woodworking techniques Steve uses to ensure pieces will endure the test of time.


The Promise of Alternative Courts

Mary Roth Burns
November 29
9:30 am
Pine Lake Town Hall

Host: Gerald Anderson 715.482.0474

People with mental health and substance abuse problems are clogging our jails and courts. Wellness and drug courts offer a different approach to the traditional criminal process. Attend this presentation to learn why “lock-‘em-up” may not be the best solution to the opioid and meth addiction crisis. One of our public defenders will explain what these new types of courts are and how they work.

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