Small Business & Entrepreneurship

Small Business & Entrepreneurship

Crime Prevention for Small Business

Course #: 4710242023
Course Description:

There are many things property owners can do to enhance security and reducevulnerabilities. This course presents ways to evaluate a business property to safeguard
from criminal activity. Participants will be provided with assessment tools and forms
that suggest ways to improve property safety and security. Course participants will
learn to:
• define and apply basic crime prevention concepts
• explain the concept of target hardening
• develop strategies to increase safety and reduce victimization
• recognize opportunities to partner with neighbors, businesses, and law enforcement
to reduce crime

Class No: 9158
Delivery: Class
Fees Under 62: $75.00
Fees Over 62: $54.87
Mon/Tue at Northwoods Center 208

Center for Innovative Change.

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