Leadership & Supervision

Leadership & Supervision

Influencing the Performance of Others

Course #: 4710240504
Course Description:

Participants in this one-day course will identify key factors that affect employeebehavior, ways a supervisor can effectively correct employees, and techniques to
enhance employee performance. The course focuses on applied leadership techniques
to improve supervisory skills, including:
• four keys that define how to influence others
• five key principles of a self-fulfilling prophecy and how it correlates to leadership
• five keys to effective communication
• factors that contribute to the personalities of those being supervised

Class No: 9157
Delivery: Class
Fees Under 62: $135.00
Fees Over 62: $108.16
Fri at Fieldside Center 108

Center for Innovative Change.

Transition to Management

Course #: 4710240900
Course Description:

Making the transition from line level to supervisory positions provides personal andprofessional growth opportunities, but also comes with some often-unanticipated
challenges. Participants will learn about management styles, employee coaching, and
ethical decision-making. Through classroom discussion, case studies, and role-plays,
this one-day course helps those who are newly promoted as well as those who are
preparing for supervisory positions to make a smooth transition.
Course participants will learn:
• characteristics of a good supervisor
• the emotional impact to self and others
• interpersonal coworker relationships: distinguish between personal and professional
• ways to develop and maintain positive self-confidence
• seven major steps for the transition to supervising others
• four keys to self-evaluation

Class No: 9159
Delivery: Class
Fees Under 62: $135.50
Fees Over 62: $108.66
Thur at Fieldside Center 108

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