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Ancient Grains

Course #: 6030364020
Course Description:

The rise of the paleo diet, which touts the eating habits of our hunter-gatherer
ancestors, has brought acute awareness to the fact that what we eat now does not resemble what we ate even 100 years ago. Ancient grains provide a rich source of vitamins and proteins with minimal processing. Get familiar with these nutritional powerhouses: chia seeds, farrow, quinoa, sorghum, and millet. Recipes include chopped quinoa salad with cranberries; farro with pistachios, mixed herbs, and golden raisins; sorghum cornbread; and millet tabbouleh.

Class No: 5451
Delivery: Class
Fees Under 62: $31.00
Fees Over 62: $27.00
Instructor: Reeder
Thur at Eagle River - Sonny Bees Honey Farm

Sonny Bees Honey Farm formerly Moondance Studio is located at 268 Hwy 17 South, Eagle River. Phone Number is 715-891-7920

Releasing Emotions and Essential Oils

Course #: 6056060101
Course Description:

Emotions are like ocean waves; they ebb and flow. Emotions are powerful and provide momentum initiating action. What happens when we hold emotions in our bodies never releasing them? This class will cover the aspects, cause, identification, and clearing and what to expect!
***Warning*** There will be oils in class, this will be very aromatic !****

Class No: 5445
Delivery: Class
Fees Under 62: $35.00
Fees Over 62: $31.00
Instructor: Visser Breezer
Wed at Fieldside Center 102

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