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Legacy Leadership
Excellence in Supervision

This workshop provides attendees with the information necessary to be effective supervisors, who understand the vital role they play in their organizations. From characteristics of superior leaders to definitive tools necessary for day-to-day operations, the content of this training is founded in years of research in the government and private sector. If you want proven leadership within your organization, the education starts here.

Thursday, April 18, 2019  |  8 am – 5 pm
Nicolet College  |  Northwoods Center - 207/208/209
Cost: $160

Please bring a bag lunch

Session Includes

Traits and Characteristics of Exceptional Leaders
Regardless of line of work, exceptional leaders share commons traits and characteristics that develop a following. Explore the commonalities and learn to implement them where you have opportunity.
The Ethics of Leadership
Exceptional leaders have a firm foundation in ethics…
a foundation that guides every decision and sets expectations for those around them. Learn how the ethical thread must be woven through the fabric of your work.
Developing Leader/Follower Relationships
The relationships between a leader and the led can be a direct determinant of the success of the organization and the effectiveness of its leadership. Learn the intricacies and the pitfalls of interpersonal organizational relationships to set up the individual and organization for success.
Recognition, Counseling and Documentation
Objectivity, consistency, accuracy, and decisiveness are the tenets of unwavering leadership. Learn the common traps and repercussions that can result from a lack of understanding of the importance of these concepts. This is Risk Management 101.
Supervisory Environmental Impacts
From community pressure to political influences, the exceptional leader is prepared to address external impacts. Learn to leverage the environmental factors to improve leadership and exploit opportunities for your organization.
The Importance of Why
Exceptional leaders don’t get lost in how things are done. They are driven by the why.

For more information 715.365.4544 or email ce@nicoletcollege.edu

Meet the Instructor

Robert F. Kappelman has more than 20 years of supervisory experience. He has served the government sector as a field training officer, sergeant of detectives, patrol lieutenant, division commander, and chief of police. He is a court-qualified expert witness and international trainer in ethics and leadership.
In the private sector, Kappelman serves as a consultant and independent contractor to clients including the National Football League, Major League Baseball, National Hockey League, and Major League Soccer. He is an honors graduate of three universities, holding degrees in criminal justice and business administration. Kappelman is also a leadership challenge graduate of the 212th Session of the FBI National Academy in Quantico, Virginia.

Administrative Professionals Day

Mark your calendar for a day of enjoyment and professional development. Designed especially for administrative professionals - no matter which support role you play in your office, this day is for you. We hope you can join us.

Wednesday, April 24, 2019  |  8:30 am – 2:30 pm
Nicolet College  |  Tamarack 202/204
Cost: $15 - Lunch Provided
Register by April 15

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Reasons to Attend

Celebrate your profession  |  Network with professional peers  |  Cyber security - tips and tricks  |  Office Olympics  |  Enter for a chance to win prizes

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