8.0 Public Relations

8.0 Public Relations

8.01 Publications, Promotional Materials, and Publicity

8.01 Publications, Promotional Materials, and Publicity

Title: Publications, Promotional Materials, and Publicity
Number: AP 8.01
Adopted: March 1995
Reviewed: June 2020
Revised: June 2020

Nicolet College strives to effectively communicate with all of our audiences. This may include distribution of releases and images to media, postings on websites or social media, advertising, and publications (such as posters, brochures, newsletters, postcards, reports), or other promotional materials for internal-external audiences. The Nicolet College Communications team or a Nicolet College appointee is responsible for reviewing and coordinating all materials.

Employees must seek permission from their supervisor to speak to the media, outside groups, and other organizations on behalf of the College. The supervisor will secure appropriate approvals. If and when an employee makes such presentations, the employee may not claim that they are representing the College unless authorized to do so.

Publications and Promotional Materials

Members of the College community must work with the Communications team in developing any publications or promotional materials for Nicolet College. Final drafts of documents must be approved in writing by the appropriate administrator and the Communications team prior to printing or distribution. The approval process will promote:

  • Consistent use of the College visual identity
  • Consistent use of key messages and content
  • Consistent style and use of terminology
  • Equal opportunity and diversity
  • Best use of College resources

When requesting production of publications or other promotional materials, staff must use a Request for Promotion form.

Final drafts of documents must be approved in writing by the appropriate administrator prior to printing or distribution.

Media Coverage

The Communications team maintains ongoing contacts with area and state news media. When staff members have news to publicize, they must use the Request for Publicity form. The Communications team will draft releases, submit to the appropriate administrator for approval, and distribute approved copy to the media.

Statements Made Using Electronic Media

Employees should remember that any electronic messages or information sent on College electronic accounts, applications, or resources are identifiable and attributable to the College.

The College recognizes that participation in some forums might be important to the performance of an employee's job. Because there is a connection with the College, all messages and information shared in these forums should promote College interests. Communications must not reveal confidential information and must not otherwise violate this or other College policies.

8.02 Campus Solicitation

8.02 Campus Solicitation

Title: Campus Solicitation
Number: AP 8.02
Adopted: June 2006
Reviewed: June 2020
Revised: June 2020

Individuals on College property are prohibited from soliciting for the purpose of selling goods or services for personal, business, or commercial gain.  Only authorized vendors may solicit sales or pursue purchases of any products or services.

Vendors or marketers of student credit cards or other revolving debt programs are prohibited from offering gifts to students for filling out an application for their service or program.

Employees are prohibited from participating in any form of solicitation during work hours.

Recognized student clubs may conduct fundraising activities in accordance with student activity guidelines.

Exemptions to this policy can be granted only by the College President or designee.


8.03 Bulletin Board Posting

8.03 Bulletin Board Posting

Title: Bulletin Board Posting
Number: AP 8.03
Adopted: August 1996
Reviewed: June 2020
Revised: June 2020

The College has two types of bulletin boards:  Public and College.

Bulletin boards shall be provided for use in posting materials at campus locations convenient for use by students, staff, and members of the public. All materials displayed on a bulletin board shall clearly indicate the author or agency responsible for its production and shall be dated with the date of posting. The College reserves the right to remove items from public bulletin boards.

College bulletin boards are located in each building and are used to communicate official government and College information.  Examples may include information on:

  • Equal employment opportunity, wage and hour, health and safety, and other issues;
  • College policies;
  • College business announcements such as job postings benefit programs, and events.

Informational items may only be posted on public bulletin boards.  Items affixed to other surfaces (woodwork, windows, doors, etc.) will be removed daily, with the exception of office areas.