6.0 Facilities

6.0 Facilities

6.01 Facility Use

6.01 Facility Use

Title: Facility Use
Number: AP 6.01
Adopted: March 1995
Reviewed: June 2020
Revised: June 2020

Nicolet College makes available its land, facilities and equipment to community groups, public agencies, other educational institutions, or the private sector at such times as they are not needed for College purposes under the following terms and conditions:

  • All proposed uses will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis, and must not interfere with or disrupt planned and scheduled College use of its land, facilities, and equipment;
  • All proposed uses must be consistent with the mission, values, and purposes of the College as set forth in Ch. 38.001, Wis. Stats.;
  • Organizations contracting with the College are responsible for damages to land, facilities or equipment, and will be required to supply proof of insurance;
  • Use of College land, buildings, or facilities making or receiving political contributions is prohibited under Ch. 11.36(3), Wis. Stats.;
  • All users of College land, facilities or equipment, under any terms, are subject to College policies and must agree to comply with AP 1.07 General Public Standards of Conduct;
  • Organizations contracting with the College will be required to certify (via the signed contract) that they do not discriminate against employees, enrollees, applicants, or members on the basis of race, color, creed, national origin, ancestry, religion, sex, handicap, age, marital status, sexual orientation, veterans status, or political affiliation.

Using College Facilities

The college welcomes full use of its facilities, land, and equipment by community stakeholders.  Providing access to these resources incurs additional costs for the College for maintenance, cleaning, and technical support.

If College administrations determines that additional staff may be needed to provide security, custodial, theatre, or other support service functions, these costs will be charged using standard service rates. 


Notification of cancellation is required.  Failure to provide a 48-hour notification of cancellation may result in additional charges and may compromise future ability to use College land, facilities, and equipment.

The College reserves the right to cancel any reservation for use of its land, facilities or equipment within 30 calendar days prior to the date of the scheduled activity or at any time should the organization’s use of College land, facilities, and equipment be in direct or indirect conflict with the College’s mission, values, and purposes.

Rate Exceptions

501(c)(3) Nonprofit organizations will qualify for one half off the listed rates.

Managed and Restricted Use

Nicolet College is committed to the compliance with all state laws governing the sale, service, and consumption of alcohol on its campus. If a non-college organization wishes to serve alcohol at the event, permission must be requested from the President of the College.  If alcohol beverages are to be served, the organization agrees to indemnify and save harmless the College against all losses, damages or liability growing out of the organization’s failure or default in the observance of compliance with all laws regulating the sale or provision of alcoholic beverages. Groups agree to carry insurance insuring the organization and the College against claims in a sum not less than $1,000,000 for any event at which alcohol will be served.

Nicolet Area Technical College will strictly enforce the prohibition of activities that conflict – or appear to be in conflict- with federal, state, and local laws and College regulations. 

Nicolet College maintains a policy on non-discrimination with respect to race, religion, gender, national origin, political affiliation, marital status, disability or sexual orientation in compliance with all federal, state, and local laws.  Nicolet College reserves the right to refuse facility to use for reason outlines above or for activities that conflict with the College’s mission, values, and objectives.

6.02 Inclement Weather/College Closing

6.02 Inclement Weather/College Closing

Title: Inclement Weather/College Closing
Number: AP 6.02
Adopted: March 1995
Reviewed: June 2020
Revised: February 2017

Nicolet College remains open during inclement weather as long as it is reasonably possible to conduct work. However, safety in travel is paramount. The College recognizes individuals are the best judge of their own safety when deciding whether or not to travel during inclement weather.

In the event of weather or other events which would seriously impede the functioning of the College, the President or designee will determine whether the College will close, and will inform the College community of the closing.

Notification of Closure

Once the decision to close the College is made, the Director of Facilities or designee will make the following notifications (by 5:45 am if prior to the start of the business day), including text and email notifications via RAVE Mobile Safety Mass Notification System.

TV_Media Channel Town

Channel 12





Channel 7



Channel 9

WZAW Channel 33.1 / 33.2 / 33.3 Wausau
Radio Frequencies Town
WRLO 105.3 FM Antigo
WRJO / WERL 950 AM / 94.5 FM Eagle River


1450 AM / 106.9 FM


Ironwood, MI



95.9 FM



1570 AM



96.7 FM



103.3 FM



106.5 FM



107.9 FM



97.3 FM



1240 AM



100.1 FM



91.7 FM



93.7 FM

WJJQ 810 AM / 92.5 FM / 100.7 FM Tomahawk


96.5 FM

WIFC 95.5 FM Wausau


101.9 FM

WRIG 1390 AM / 93.9 FM Wausau
WSAU 550 AM / 99.9 FM Wausau


94.7 FM / 102.9 FM



6.03 Use of College Vehicles

6.03 Use of College Vehicles

Title: Use of College and Personal Vehicles
Number: AP 6.03
Adopted: March 1995
Reviewed: June 2020
Revised: May 2017

Nicolet College maintains a fleet of vehicles for use in support of its programs and educational services. 

Categories of Vehicle Assignment

  • Temporary – means the vehicle is assigned for a specified period of time for business use only.  Fleet vehicles are available on a first-come first-served basis, and must be reserved.  The College reserves the right to deny the use of a fleet vehicle if the intended use is deemed inappropriate.
  • Department – means vehicles operated by a specific department.  Departments which operate College-owned vehicles shall develop guidelines and checkout procedures for the use of such vehicles.
  • Vehicles not licensed for road use – means vehicles used for instructional purposes only, on the College premises.

Guidelines for the Use of College Vehicles

  • District Board members, College employees, and student employees over the age of 18 will be permitted to use College vehicles for approved College business.
  • All drivers and passengers of motor vehicles owned, leased, or rented by the College shall wear available safety belts at all times the vehicle is in operation, and obey all applicable laws.
  • All drivers of motor vehicles owned, leased or rented by the College must possess a valid driver’s license for the type of vehicle(s) the driver will be operating.
  • The College reserves the right to deny use of College vehicles based on an individual’s driving record or other factors.
  • Out-of-state licensed drivers using College vehicles shall be required to sign an affidavit verifying that their driving record meets the above-listed criteria.
  • All drivers of College vehicles are required to complete a defensive driving course, assigned by Human Resources. Any associated fees will be paid by the College.
  • Only individuals on authorized College business are permitted to travel in any College vehicle.
  • The use of tobacco products, or the operation of any College vehicle or equipment while under the influence of alcohol or any illegal substance is strictly forbidden.
  • Fines imposed on employees while conducting official College business are the responsibility of the employee.  Motor vehicle fines resulting from faulty equipment on College vehicles will be the responsibility of the College.
  • College auto insurance will be primary in the event an accident occurs while using a College vehicle for College business. 

Guidelines for the Use of Personal Vehicles

While on College business, all drivers and passengers of motor vehicles not owned, leased, or rented by the College shall possess a valid driver’s license, wear available safety belts, and carry vehicle liability insurance equal to or greater than the required limits for the State of Wisconsin.  Personal auto insurance will be primary in the event an accident occurs while using a personal vehicle for College business.

Motor Fuel Supplies

The College purchases motor fuel of various types for use in its automobiles, trucks, and groundskeeping vehicles.  The high cost of such fuels necessitates operating procedures which provide a high degree of control and accountability.

  • Responsibility for managing the use of motor fuel supplies rests with the Director of Facilities.
  • Use of College purchased motor fuel is limited to College-owned or leased vehicles operating on official business.