3.09 Campus Pet Policy

3.09 Campus Pet Policy

Title: Campus Pet Policy
Number: AP 3.09
Adopted: November 2016
Reviewed: June 2020
June 2020

The following policy has been established to provide for the health and safety of the Nicolet College students, faculty, staff, and visitors; for the protection, efficient use, and enjoyment of the College’s property; and the reasonable management and operations of the College.

A reasonable pet policy, focused on owner responsibility, improves the quality of campus life inside and outside buildings while minimizing the use of resources on avoidable cleanup and repairs.  Beyond the obvious concerns for property maintenance and personal welfare, it is hoped that these regulations will foster an atmosphere where all can enjoy the College’s facilities in a comfortable and relaxed setting.

Inside Buildings
No pets are allowed inside College buildings.

NOTE:  This prohibition does not apply to individuals accompanied by services animals or animals providing aid to law enforcement agencies

Outside of Buildings
The following rules apply to the College property outside of buildings.

  1. Pets must be leashed and under control at all times.
  2. Owners must have a means to clean up after their pet, specifically, the owner or person(s) who possess or control the pet when appearing with the pet on any walkway, roadway, and recreational area shall also possess the means of removal of any fecal matter left by the pet.
  3. The owner is responsible for immediate cleanup and reporting of incidental damage caused by the pet (including digging damage).  Cleanup should be thorough enough so as to generate no additional work for College staff or inconvenience for members or the College community or visitors. Owners should contact Campus Security (715-365-4420) to report any and all damages.

Policy Violations
Violations of this policy will be handled through a system of progressive corrective penalties that will be administered by the Director of Risk, Compliance, and Security.  Other college employees are encouraged to inform people of the policy and inform Campus Security of any violations.

  1. First Violation – Verbal warning that will remind the individual of the rules and their specific violation.
  2. Second Violation – Written warning
  3. Third Violation  – The pet and/or the pet’s owner may be excluded from campus.   
  4. Failure to Cooperate – The pet and/or pet’s owner immediate exclusion from campus.