Strategic Vision Nicolet 2020

I. Mission and Integrity 

A. Nicolet College articulates the mission of our College clearly and publicly. 

B. Nicolet College recognizes the diversity of its learners, constituencies, and the greater global society. 

C. An understanding of and support for the integration and connectedness of our academic and workforce/economic development mission pervades all of the work of our learning-centered College. 

D. Nicolet College promotes effective leadership and supports collaborative processes in our governance and administrative structures. 

E. Employees uphold and protect the integrity of the College. 

II. Preparing for the Future 

 A.  Nicolet College prepares for a future which is shaped by multiple societal and economic trends. Appropriate data and feedback loops are available and used throughout the College. 

 B. Nicolet College works to strengthen its resource base for quality education and workforce development into the future. 

 C. Nicolet College evaluates and assesses processes, providing reliable evidence of institutional effectiveness for continuous improvement and accountability. 

 D. Our learning-centered College aligns all levels of planning to ensure our capacity to fulfill our mission. 

III. Student Learning, Effective Teaching, and Student Success 

 A.  We align clearly stated student learning outcomes at the institutional, program, and course levels with effective direct and indirect assessments. 

B. Nicolet College values and supports effective teaching. 

C. Nicolet College promotes an effective learning environment

D. Nicolet College provides resources to support student learning, effective teaching, and student success.

IV.  Acquisition, Discovery, and the Application of Knowledge and Skill in the 21st Century 

A.  As a learning-centered College, Nicolet demonstrates through the actions of its Board, administrators, students, faculty, and staff that it values lifelong learning and the acquisition of our 21st Century Core Abilities. 

B.  Nicolet College demonstrates that acquisition of a breadth of  knowledge and skills and the exercise of intellectual inquiry and creativity are integral to our education and workforce development programs for the 21st Century. 

C. Nicolet College assesses the usefulness of its curricula to students who will live and work in a global, diverse, and technological society. 

D. Nicolet College provides support services to ensure that students, faculty, and staff can acquire, discover and apply knowledge, core abilities, and skills responsibly and creatively. 

V.  Engagement, Service, and Public Trust

A.  Nicolet College learns from the constituencies it serves and forms PK-16 collaborations to enhance capacity to serve their needs and expectations. 

B.  As a public institution of higher education, Nicolet College commits to engaging and collaborating with our communities in fulfilling our civic mission in our American democracy. 

C. Nicolet College provides value and enrichment through the educational and other services we deliver to the communities and businesses of the Northwoods district and our state. 

D. Nicolet College exercises fiscal responsibility throughout College operations and serves as a thoughtful and trusted steward of public resources.

Nicolet 2020 Core Abilities

Nicolet College has identified a set of core abilities central to the future success of our students. Core abilities are incorporated into educational programs to enhance student development. Similarly, our employees are expected to develop and demonstrate these abilities and behaviors in their daily work and their interactions with others.

Apply Mathematic, Scientific, Artistic, and Technological Concepts:
Success as a member of our complex society requires proficient application of mathematical, scientific, artistic, and technological skills.

Build Community:
Success in building communities requires teamwork, social awareness, and civic engagement, which enhance the full range of human relationships at the local, national, and global levels.

Communicate Effectively: 
Success as a communicator requires comprehensive application of language and visual arts skills across multiple settings to engage multiple audiences.

Embrace Lifelong Learning:
Success as a lifelong learner requires a committed pursuit of professional and personal development to navigate change over a lifetime.

Live Ethically:
Success in ethical living requires rational reflection on behavior that leads a person to make principled and sustainable decisions.

Think Critically and Creatively:
Success as a critical and creative thinker requires independent and rigorous reasoning that leads to informed decisions, innovation, and personal empowerment.

Assessment and Continuous Improvement

At Nicolet College, assessment is an ongoing process that allows the College to continuously monitor and improve student learning and success. The College engages in the assessment of student learning with respect to core abilities, program outcomes, and course competencies. The College seeks to continuously improve the quality of all services by systematically evaluating whether each service is achieving the desired objectives.

The College has identified six core abilities that represent values or skills fundamental to student success in any occupation. These core abilities are incorporated and assessed in degree programs, individual courses, and in many student support services. Every program has a set of program outcomes that represents the specific knowledge and skills students achieve by completing the program. The College routinely reviews and validates these outcomes with Program Advisory Committees to ensure they align with industry needs. Performance-based assessment of student learning with respect to these program outcomes ensures program graduates are able to demonstrate entry-level occupational requirements of employers and meet the expectations of transfer institutions. Each course has competencies that represent the knowledge and skills students achieve upon successful completion of the course. The assessment of student learning regarding these course competencies ensures students are acquiring the necessary skills and knowledge to progress within a program.

The College seeks to continuously improve the effectiveness of all services and operations. Nicolet practices continuous quality improvement through data-informed self-examination and review that is periodically reviewed by the Higher Learning Commission for reaccreditation. Direct measures of student success and feedback from students, employers, transfer institutions, and the broader community help to measure the results of learning, evaluate programs, and provide a basis for continuously improving teaching and learning. Some programs meet and are evaluated to external standards. The College meets and is evaluated to the standards of the Wisconsin Technical College System and the Higher Learning Commission. Full reaccreditation was received in 2015 and is effective until the next review in 2025.