DATE: March 18, 2020 at 11:00 am
TO: Faculty and Staff

FROM: Dr. Richard Nelson, President

  1. Will I continue to be paid?
    Yes, Payroll will continue to be processed every two weeks as scheduled and employees will be paid via current payroll practices.
  2. I am an employee in a higher risk population according to the CDC. Will I be allowed to work at home?
    Employees who may need or prefer to work at home are encouraged to discuss remote work arrangements with their supervisor. IT is gearing up to provide the necessary support for those who need it.
  3. Will Nicolet’s health insurance cover testing for the coronavirus?
    Yes. UMR, our third party administrator, will process claims for COVID-19 testing at no member cost share. Treatment received in addition to the test will be covered based on medical plan benefits (deductibles and coinsurance will apply).
  4. Will I need a return to work if I am diagnosed with the coronavirus?
    Yes. To ensure the well-being of our campus, if you are diagnosed with COVID-19 you will be required to provide a Return to Work from your healthcare provider to HR in advance of your return.
  5. I am on Nicolet’s health insurance plan. Can I receive early refills on my prescriptions?
    Yes, Envision (our prescription provider) is waiving early refill limits on prescriptions at any in-network pharmacy. If you have a prescription for a long-term medication, you are encouraged to refill the eligible prescription for a 90-day supply, or up to plan’s maximum quantity.

    If you are on a maintenance medication and do not use Envision’s mail order pharmacy, you are encouraged to do so. Prescriptions are delivered to your mailbox rather than having to visit a pharmacy. To register online, visit and select “EnvisionMail,” then in the “Easy online enrollment” box select “Enroll Now.” Alternatively, register by phone, 866-909-5170 (TTY 711), Monday-Friday 8 a.m. – 10 p.m. EST and Saturday 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. EST.
  6. How can employees who enrolled in the Short-Term Disability plan learn what is and is not covered?
    Employees who elected to enroll in Short-Term Disability (STD) can review the Certificate of Coverage in the Document Center, Benefits, Disability folder. In order to receive the STD benefit, the employee must be diagnosed with the virus and unable to work (disabled). Self-quarantine for preventive reasons would not be covered. Claims will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Contact National Insurance Services at 800-627-3660 with questions.
  7. What other resources may be available to employees?
    Aspirus Employee Assistance Services – Available 24/7
    Employees and household members are eligible for free and confidential counseling services. Call the confidential helpline at 800-236-4457.

    Teladoc – Available 24/7
    Get care right where you are – from your phone or computer. You can connect to a U.S. board-certified and licensed medical provider with the ability to treat common medical conditions and prescribe medication. Teladoc doctors are not able to provide diagnostic testing for COVID-19, but they are able to evaluate your risk and help with next steps when necessary. Contact Teladoc at 1-800-Teladoc or There is up to a $45 fee for this service.
  8. I do not have internet available at home. Will the college pay for this expense?
    No, but there is a limited supply of hotspots available in IT.
  9. What are the expectations of employees who work from home?
    • Communicate with your supervisor
    • Execute your job duties and be accessible
      • Forward your work phone to your personal home or cell phone
      • Indicate you are “Working remotely” on your Outlook calendar
      • For hourly employees continue to record your hours in GreenShades.
      • For salaried employees record leave time in GreenShades.
  10. I have child(ren) in the K-12 system that are home from school. What are my work expectations?
    We understand working from home may pose a challenge with children. Communicating with your supervisor will be essential to continue business operations.
  11. I am a supervisor and have direct reports who have notified me that they are completing a self-quarantine. What are my next steps?
    Discuss any resource needs to setup a work from home option (e.g. laptop, VPN access).
  12. I am a student employee. Can I still work?
    Work Study employees remain eligible to continue working. Contact your supervisor to determine if work is available. If your work is limited due to COVID-19, there may be additional support available. Contact the Financial Aid Manager, Patrick Burns, with questions.

    As a student employee, you may opt not to work. Student employees are required to take the same precautions as other employees. This includes proper hand washing, regular cleaning of your work area, and observing proper social distancing measures to safeguard yourself and the campus community.