DATE: May 2, 2020 at 5:10 pm
TO: Faculty and Staff

FROM: Dr. Richard Nelson, President

Good afternoon.

It seems we’ve been in something of a holding pattern for several days. Lincoln Co. now has its first COVID-19 case, but otherwise no change. We are so fortunate, especially given the rising number of new cases in other parts of the state. Our attention to safeguards, and maybe a bit of luck, has kept numbers here very low. However, you have probably noticed a lot more traffic in and around our towns these past two weekends, many of the cars with out of state plates. While we all hope not to see a bump in local cases as a result of this influx of people, the possibility is there so please keep following WI DHS guidelines to protect yourself and your loved ones

At present, our plans are to continue operating the College under the terms of the Governor’s Safer at Home Order. You may have heard that the leaders of the Wisconsin legislature have sued to overturn that order, and that the State Supreme Court may rule on the matter as early as next week. Once the ruling is handed down and its implications for us understood, I will write with another update. Regardless of the court ruling, however, our operational decisions will always be made with safety as the #1 priority.


Enjoy the rest of this fabulous weekend, safely.