4.10 Non-Instructional Employee as Adjunct

Title: Non-Instructional Employee as Adjunct
Number: AP 4.10
Adopted: July 1, 2018


Nicolet College seeks to place skilled and qualified instructors who will provide the maximum benefit to students in all courses.


In general, full-time faculty are the College's first choice in filling teaching needs. Adjunct (temporary, part-time) instructors provide additional instructional capacity and/or special qualifications and experience as may be necessary. Non-instructional College employees may also be offered teaching opportunities when doing so will provide the maximum benefit to students. In addition, the College believes its current employees should have the same opportunity to serve as adjunct instructors as do non-employees.

Supervisor Approval

Non-instructional employees must have the approval of their supervisor to accept adjunct teaching assignments. Approval or disapproval will be based on the expectation that employees who serve as adjunct instructors will continue to be responsible for all aspects of their regular jobs or are able to re-prioritize some work to accommodate the time demands of teaching. Supervisors will not approve adjunct teaching assignments when they have reason to believe that conflicts or potential conflicts with the employee's regular work are likely to arise.

Employee Pay for Adjunct Assignments

Non-instructional employees fall into two categories: exempt and non-exempt status.

Exempt employees whose adjunct teaching assignment does not interfere with their regular job or current responsibilities and is over and beyond their regular work hours will be paid on an incremental scale based on credits or assignment. When all or part of the teaching assignment falls within regular work hours, employees may, with supervisor approval, take paid time off for their adjunct work or elect to provide instruction as part of their regular duties and receive no extra pay.

Non-Exempt employees will be paid for an adjunct teaching assignment at their current hourly rate. Pay for an assignment over 40 hours in a week will require the pay to be based on time and a half.