Learning in Retirement- Ced Vig Nature Series “Beneath the Eagle Tree: Early Morning Dreamscapes in Portrait and Verse”

Northwoods Center 207, Northwoods Center 208, Northwoods Center 209
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Event Locator: 2023-AAJDDL

Bob Kovar, long-time resident and professional photographer in the Northwoods, starts his day by going outside to be present in the sunrise near a lake, taking his camera with him, of course. This began as a very personal routine, but evolved into photographs and thoughts shared on social media during the lockdown phase of the COVID-19 pandemic, and then into a self-published book. John Bates writes in his forward to the book, “Bob has mastered the art of interpretive writing, which is all about revelation, provocation and inspiration. To that heady formula, he’s also added the two most often missed and dismissed pieces in nature writing − humor and sheer fun.” Bob will share some of these 
photographs and what he has written to accompany them in a presentation that will incorporate beauty, the positive thoughts beauty gives us, and the spirit-lifting power of nature around us.