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News Story

Nicolet staff members recognized by national professional organizations

July 13, 2016

Nicolet staff members Jennifer Labs and Kelly Haverkampf were recently honored in their fields, with Labs being selected as Nursing site evaluator and Haverkampf being selected to present at a national conference on college accreditation.

Jennifer LabsLabs, a Nursing instructor at Nicolet, was selected as a site evaluator for the national Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN).

As a site evaluator, Labs will be part of a team that visits college Nursing programs to determine if they meet accreditation standards set by the commission.

A commission panel selected Labs after she underwent extensive training and a panel review of her work history and academic credentials.

“I know that serving as an ACEN site evaluator will strengthen Nicolet’s Nursing program and enhance our success as we engage in future accreditation evaluations,” Labs said.

In 2015, Nicolet’s Nursing program was awarded its third consecutive eight-year accreditation, the maximum granted by the commission.

During evaluation visits reviewers look at the rigor and breadth of the nursing curriculum, faculty qualifications, student support services, the percentage of students who pass the state exam to become registered nurses, the department’s budget, and other resources available to deliver instruction.

Being accredited ensures employers that graduates meet high standards. In addition, accreditation is required for students to be able to transfer credits to four-year campuses and receive federal financial aid.

Labs began teaching at Nicolet in 2009. She has 24 years of experience working as a nurse in numerous different departments. These include cardiac care, pediatrics, radiology, and in emergency and operating rooms, among others.

Kelly HaverkampfHaverkampf, Nicolet’s planning, development, and evaluation manager, recently presented at the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) annual conference on Nicolet’s approach to the commission’s new accreditation process.

Haverkampf was one of the team leaders who guided Nicolet through the Open Pathway accreditation process, which required significant participation and engagement from Nicolet staff and students.

Due in large part to the college’s track record of successful past accreditations, Nicolet was invited to be a “pioneer” institution in testing the new process, and in doing so help refine the new pathway. In 2015, Nicolet received its third consecutive 10-year accreditation, the highest level possible.

To receive accreditation, the Higher Learning Commission reviews five core areas of a college. These include aspects of the college’s mission; ethical and responsible conduct; teaching and learning resources; evaluation and continuous improvement; and resources, planning, and institutional effectiveness.

Accreditation is necessary for students to receive federal financial aid, transfer their credits to other colleges and universities, and for employers to know graduates are held to a high standard.

Haverkampf, who has worked at Nicolet for nearly five years, gave the presentation along with Roxanne Lutgen, former vice president of finance and operations at Nicolet.