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Two-week Graphic Novel class to run June 1 - 12

March 13, 2015

Three college credits in two weeks?

It’s possible at Nicolet College for students who enroll in the Graphic Novel class which will meet weekdays June 1 to 12.

graphic novelLaid out in a style similar to a comic book, graphic novels cover all literary genres found in traditional fiction and non-fiction books. Topics range from memoirs and historical events to love stories, fantasy, and religion, said Shane Teter, Nicolet College English instructor.

Teter first taught the Graphic Novel class in 2008, making Nicolet one of the first colleges in the state to teach the new genre. “Now, just about every college offers a comics and graphic novel class,” he said.

The class will meet from 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Because of the extended time in class each day, sessions will be broken up into a lecture and discussion portion, small-group work, and student presentations.

“One of the things that make graphic novels and comics work so well in an accelerated class is you can accomplish a full read in a relatively short period of time,” Teter explained. “It makes the reading load much more manageable and workable.”

Taking the class outside of the normal academic year many reduce the number of credits students need to take in future semesters or catch up on credits, if necessary. The credits transfer to most other colleges, including every campus in the University of Wisconsin System. This makes it perfect for students who attend other colleges and are in northern Wisconsin for the summer.

To register, visit or call the Welcome Center at (715) 365-4493; TDD 711 or 1-800-947-3539.

Registration is also open for regular Summer Semester classes, which run June 5 to July 31.