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News Story

Nicolet students excel at state business, IT competitions

March 12, 2015

bpa awards

Nicolet College Business Professionals of America students posted a strong showing in recent competitions at the BPA State Leadership Conference.

The 11 students who attended brought home a total of 31 awards in different disciplines such as Business Management, Administrative Professional, Information Technology, and Website Design.

“They all worked very hard and it shows,” said Helen Fries, BPA advisor and Administrative Professional/Office Technology instructor at Nicolet. “The skills they demonstrated were exemplary, and we are proud of every one of them.”

Based on their results, all of the students qualified for the BPA National Leadership Conference in Anaheim, Calif., in May.

Nicolet students competing at the state event were, first row, left to right, Jennie Swearingen, Administrative Professional, Christine Davis, IT, Craig Collins, Liberal Arts; back row, David Larson, IT, Sheryl Larson, Administrative Professional, Jordan Slominski, IT, Carl Anderson, IT, Tyler Garry, IT, Ian Anderson, IT, Tammy Retzlaff, IT , and EvaMarie Bybee, IT.

Specific results were as follow:

 C# Programming

Jordan Slominsk - 1st Place, 
Carl Anderson - 2nd Place, 
EvaMarie Byee - 3rd Place, Tammy Retzlaff - 4th Place, David Larson - 5th Place


Keyboarding Production

Jennie Swearingen - 1st Place


Fundamentals of Word Processing

Sheryl Larson - 1st Place


Basic Office Systems Procedures

Sheryl Larson - 1st Place


Project Management

Carl Anderson - 1st Place,
Jordan Slominski - 4th Place


Business Meeting Management

Jordan Slominski - 1st Place


Information Technology Concepts

Jordan Slominski - 1st Place,
David Larson - 2nd Place,
Carl Anderson - 3rd Place


Website Design Team

1st Place Team - Tammy Retzlaff,  EvaMarie Bybee
Jordan Slominski
Carl Anderson

2nd Place Team - Ian Anderson,  Tyler Garry,
David Larson


Fundamentals of Web Design

Carl Anderson - 1st Place, David Larson – 2nd Place, 
EvaMarie Bybee - 3rd Place,
Tammy Retzlaff - 4th Place


Network Administration

Jordan Slominski - 2nd Place


Medical Office Procedures

Christine Davis - 2nd Place


Fundamental Spreadsheets

Christine Davis - 5th Place


PC Servicing and Troubleshooting

Craig Collins - 2nd Place


Contemporary Issues (speech)

Craig Collins - 2nd Place


Financial Math and Analysis Concepts

Craig Collins - 3rd Place


Advanced Spreadsheet Applications

Craig Collins - 4th Place


Computer Programming Concepts

David Larson - 2nd Place, 
Jordan Slominski - 3rd Place, 
Carl Anderson - 5th Place.