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News Story

Northwoods professionals, Nicolet College partner to improve education

Nov. 8, 2013

Connecting the skills needed in the workplace with what is taught in labs and classrooms is crucial. And to help keep that sync tight, more than 300 working professionals from throughout the Northwoods volunteer their time to serve on Nicolet Advisory Committees. The purpose: to identify new developments in their fields and point out any up-and-coming trends they see in their areas of expertise.

“The information these individuals provide to Nicolet is invaluable,” said Nicolet College Vice President of Teaching, Learning, and Student Success Kenneth Urban. “We take great pride in ensuring our students graduate with the skills they need to get jobs. This is good for the students and the employers. It works to make both successful.”

The college currently has 27 different Academic Advisory Committees, covering all academic disciplines offered at Nicolet.

“This is a long-standing practice at the college and within the Wisconsin Technical College System,” Urban said. “Workplaces are constantly changing and it’s our job as a college to stay in tune with new developments and ensure our students are prepared to enter the job market.”

Along with advising the college on potential curriculum changes, Advisory Committee members also help the college identify technological advances in their fields and any new equipment the college may need to purchase to reflect what is being used in the workplace.

“They do a fantastic job in helping Nicolet create a learning environment that mirrors the workplace,” Urban explained. “This helps graduates make a smooth transition from the college’s labs and classrooms to their places of employment.”

In all, 305 Northwoods professionals volunteer to serve on Nicolet Academic Advisory Committees, representing virtually every corner of the 4,000 square miles of the Nicolet District, which includes all of Oneida, Vilas and Forest counties and portions of Lincoln, Langlade and Iron counties.