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Login Information for Student Accounts

Student Accounts

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The top three logins you'll need to know:

1. MyNicolet

Provides you with quick and easy access to a host of services and important resources. This secure site is where you can check email, view your classes, search the course catalog and register for classes, pay for classes, view your grades, and more.

2. Nicolet Email

As a student, you are provided with an email account as part of your enrollment. You'll need to use this account for any course-related correspondence. It's also the email address the College will use for all official correspondence including important announcements. You should not use personal email addresses for Nicolet communication.

3. Blackboard

Blackboard is an online learning management system. All courses have a Blackboard presence that allows students to access their syllabus and grades. Online courses allow for interaction with your instructor and other students by email or discussions, completing assignments, exams, and managing your readings and lectures. Visit the Blackboard On Demand Learning Center to view short, interactive video lessons. These quick tutorials are designed to get you familiar with a Blackboard feature in 15 minutes.


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