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Campus Safety

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The top things you need to know about campus safety and security:


1. Emergency Reporting Procedures

In the event of an emergency call 911 immediately. An emergency situation can be defined as any event that may pose a significant threat to the life, safety, or health of students and/or employees. After contacting authorities, call or contact any College employee. Then, if the situation allows, call the Emergency Response Team at 715-365-4999. Students should follow the directions of College staff and emergency services personnel during an emergency. Review the Emergency Response Guide so you know what to do in the event of various emergencies. The guide also contains vital emergency and non-emergency contact numbers.

2. Crime Prevention

It is the philosophy of the College that crime prevention is preferable to reaction after the fact. A primary vehicle for accomplishing this goal is the diligence of students and staff. Crime prevention is based upon the dual concepts of eliminating or minimizing criminal opportunities whenever possible, and encouraging students and staff to be responsible for their own security and the security of others. The following campus crime prevention tactics may reduce a student or staff member’s risk of becoming a victim:
• Walk on established and maintained walkways. At night, walk on those walkways that are well lighted.
• Lock your vehicle. At night, park as close to your building and under or near street lamps as space allows.
• At dark, walk with a friend or in a group. Avoid darker areas and try to avoid walking between vehicles to get to your intended destination.
• Place anything of value left in your vehicle out of sight (under a seat or locked in a trunk).
• Never leave purses, coats, or other items of value unattended in the classroom, library, or other study or student areas.
• Promptly report any suspicious behavior you observe to the Campus Security at 715-365-4420, College Staff member, or the Emergency Response Team at 715-365-4999.
• Locate and become familiar with the outdoor emergency telephones at various locations on campus.

3. Behavioral Intervention Team

The Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) receives all reports of behavioral concerns. The BIT provides a collaborative, cross-functional approach to assessing and responding to individuals who might pose a threat to themselves or others. Any behaviors of concern such as individuals who are depressed, making inappropriate comments or threats, or exhibiting disruptive behavior should be reported to the BIT. These reports can remain anonymous. If the situation you are concerned about needs immediate attention contact 911 or the Emergency Response Team 715-365-4999. In non-emergency situations, contact the BIT by calling 715-365-4932 or send an email message to The BIT will work closely with the Learner Success Team.

4. Student Standards of Conduct

Nicolet College believes in an academic and behavioral code of conduct which creates and maintains a learning environment that values academic excellence, institutional integrity, justice, equity, civility, and diversity. Individuals must conduct themselves in a manner that is compatible with the mission and values of the College and does not interfere with educational processes or endanger the safety or welfare of other persons.

All students are expected to comply with all College policies and procedures, as well as local, state, federal, tribal, and international laws. These standards of conduct apply to all College-controlled locations and College-sponsored activities or events. Students violating the Standards of Conduct may be subject to disciplinary action. For safety and security reasons, the Executive Dean of Security or designee may also temporarily remove students from College-controlled locations or activities. Violation of local ordinances, state or federal law on College premises, or at College-sponsored or supervised activities will be forwarded to local law enforcement authorities. Sanctions may be imposed for violations of these rules whether or not criminal or civil sanctions are pursued. Students have the right to appeal sanctions imposed for behavioral or academic misconduct. For more information refer to the Student Standards of Conduct Administrative Policy 1.06.

5. Crime Reporting Procedures

The College encourages the prompt reporting of all crimes or suspicious behavior to any College employee. College officials, when deemed appropriate, will involve local law enforcement agencies as soon as the information is known. Prompt crime reporting and the reporting of suspicious behavior will better enable local law enforcement officials to remedy the situation.

Report all criminal activity to Campus Security at 715-365-4420. If unable to reach Campus Security, contact the Emergency Response Team at 715-365-4999. Crimes may be reported anonymously.

Nicolet College complies with the Jeanne Clery Disclosure Act and prepares an annual report of crimes that have occurred on campus and at outreach centers. The report can be found on the Nicolet College website or may be obtained from Campus Security. Campus crime, arrest, and referral statistics include those reported to local law enforcement and to College officials, including anonymous reports.

6. Possession and Use of Weapons

The use, concealment, creation, manufacture, or possession of weapons in College buildings and College vehicles is strictly prohibited in the following locations:
• College buildings,
• College vehicles,
• College sponsored special events.

The general prohibitions above do not apply to:
• sworn law enforcement officers, whether on or off duty;
• members of the armed forces on active duty;
• instructors and students for training purposes, consistent with specific program practices and procedures, when authorized;
• individuals authorized by the College President or designee.

For more information refer to the Possession and Use of Weapons Board Policy 5.02.

7. Alcohol and Drug Use

As outlined in Administrative Policy 4.05 Alcohol and Drug Use, the College prohibits the unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensation, possession, or use of controlled substances, including but not limited to alcohol, prescription, and illicit drugs on any College-controlled premise or College-sponsored event. Information on alcohol and drug addiction treatment centers and clinics can be obtained from the Welcome Center in the University Transfer Center or the College Safety and Security Resource Guide. For more information refer to the Alcohol and Drug Use Administrative Policy 4.05.

8. Tobacco Free Campus

Use of tobacco and smoking is prohibited on the Nicolet College main campus and all outreach centers. This includes the following:
• All structures, buildings and grounds, sidewalks, roads, pathways, and parking lots.
• All Nicolet College owned and leased vehicles.
• All personal vehicles on Nicolet College property.

For more information refer to the Tobacco Free Campus Administrative Policy 3.03.

9. Campus Parking

Nicolet College provides on-campus parking free of charge to students, staff, and visitors. Designated carpool parking is available for students. Please park in designated areas. No cost carpooling stickers must be obtained each academic year from Campus Security. Students must be actively carpooling in order to park in the carpooling spaces. Violators will be ticketed and subject to having their carpooling privileges revoked. For more information refer to the Campus Parking Regulations Administrative Policy 3.05.

Nicolet College Safety and Security Documents