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Medical Assistant Curriculum

Effective June 1, 2012

Medical Assistant Courses

10-501-101-00 Medical Terminology
Focuses on the component parts of medical terms: prefixes, suffixes and word roots. You will practice formation, analysis and reconstruction of terms. Emphasis on spelling, definition and pronunciation. Introduction to operative, diagnostic, therapeutic and symptomatic terminology of all body systems, as well as systemic and surgical terminology. Lecture. 3 credits.

10-501-104-00 Healthcare Customer Service
Designed as an introduction to customer service for learners interested in working in various healthcare settings. The learner investigates healthcare systems, safety standards, and the workforce. The learner examines professionalism, interpersonal and written communication skills, and confidentiality as they relate to customer service in healthcare. Lecture. 2 credits.

10-501-107-00 Intro to Healthcare Computing
Intro to basic computer functions and applications utilized in contemporary healthcare settings. Students are introduced to the hardware and software components of modern computer systems and the application of computers in the workplace. Emphasizes the use of common software packages, operating systems, file management, word processing, spreadsheet, database, internet, and electronic mail. Lecture/Lab. 2 credits.

31-501-308-00 Pharm for Allied Health
Introduces students to classifying medications into correct drug categories and applying basic pharmacology principles. Students apply basic pharmacodynamics to identifying common medications, medication preparation, and administration of medications used by the major body systems. Pre/corequisites: 10-501-101 and 31-509-302. Lecture. 2 credits.

31-509-301-00 Medical Asst Admin Procedures
Introduces Medical Assistant students to office management and business administration in the medical office. Students learn to schedule appointments, perform filing, record keeping, telephone and reception duties, communicate effectively with patients and other medical office staff, and keep an inventory of supplies. Students apply introductory medical coding skills and managed care terminology. Medical Assistant students only. Lecture/Lab. 2 credits.

31-509-302-00 Human Body in Health and Disease
Introduces students to basic anatomy and physiology of the human body. Focuses on wellness and disease prevention. Students identify diseases that are frequently first diagnosed and treated in the medical office setting. Students learn to recognize the causes, signs, and symptoms of diseases of the major body systems as well as the diagnostic procedures, usual treatment, prognosis, and prevention of common diseases. Pre/corequisite: 10-501-101. Lecture. 3 credits.

31-509-303-00 Medical Asst Lab Procedures 1
Introduces Medical Assistant students to laboratory procedures commonly performed in a medical office setting. Students perform routine laboratory procedures commonly performed in the ambulatory care setting under the supervision of a physician. Students follow laboratory safety requirements and federal regulations while performing specimen collection and processing, microbiology, and urinalysis testing. Medical Assistant students only. Lecture/Lab. 2 credits.

31-509-304-00 Medical Asst Clin Procedures 1
Introduces Medical Assistant students to the clinical procedures performed in the medical office setting. Students perform basic examining room skills, including screening, vital signs, patient history, minor surgery, and patient preparation for routine and specialty exams in the ambulatory care setting. Pre/corequisites: 10-501-101 and 31-509-302. Lecture/Lab. 4 credits.

31-509-305-00 Med Asst Lab Procedures 2
Prepares students to perform laboratory procedures commonly performed in the ambulatory care setting under the supervision of a physician. Students perform phlebotomy, immunology, hematology, and chemistry laboratory procedures. Prerequisite: 31-509-303. Lecture/Lab. 2 credits.

31-509-306-00 Med Asst Clin Procedures 2
Prepares Medical Assistant students to perform patient care skills in the medical office setting. Students perform clinical procedures including administering medications, assisting with minor surgery, performing an electrocardiogram, assisting with respiratory testing, educating patients/community, and maintaining clinical equipment in an ambulatory care setting. Prerequisites: 31-509-304, 31-509-303, 10-510-101, and 31-509-302. Lecture/Lab. 3 credits.

31-509-307-00 Medical Office Insurance and Finance
Introduces Medical Assistant students to health insurance and finance in the medical office. Students perform bookkeeping procedures, apply managed care guidelines, and complete insurance claim forms. Students use medical coding and managed care terminology to perform insurance-related duties. Prerequisites: 10-501-101, 10-501-107, and 31-509-301, or instructor consent. Lecture/Lab. 2 credits.

31-509-309-00 Medical Law Ethics and Professionalism
Prepares students to display professionalism and perform within ethical and legal boundaries in the health care setting. Students maintain confidentiality, examine legal aspects of the medical records, perform risk management procedures, and examine legal and bioethical issues. Lecture. 2 credits.

31-509-310-00 Medical Assistant Practicum
Requires Medical Assistant students to integrate and apply knowledge and skills from all previous Medical Assistant courses in actual patient care settings. Learners perform administrative, clinical, and laboratory duties under the supervision of trained mentors to effectively transition to the role of a medical assistant. 31-509-310 Pre/corequisites. Occupational. 3 credits.