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Law Enforcement Academy

Advanced Technical Certificate - 9 Credits


This Advanced Technical Certificate is designed to provide Nicolet College students seeking the Department of Justice (DOJ) college certification track with the advanced tactical and technical skills necessary to become certifiable as law enforcement officers per Wisconsin DOJ standards.

This certificate is necessary for Nicolet students who are enrolled in the DOJ college certification track course of study. This certificate will be the final piece students will need to achieve Wisconsin DOJ eligibility to become certified.


Certificate Courses

10-504-926 Tactical Skills (4 credits)
10-504-927 Patrol Procedures Skills (5 credits)

Course Descriptions

Students learn advanced tactical skills related to use of force situations. Students will learn material covered in DOJ topics Defense and Arrest Tactics, Use of Force Concepts, Firearms, Deadly Force Decision Making, Tactical Response, and Hazardous Materials.Prerequisites: 10-504-900, 10-504-908 and 10-504-901. Lecture/lab.
4 credits.

Students will be introduced to advanced strategies dealing with patrol procedures and the skills necessary to be successful as a patrol officer. Students will cover the DOJ topics Emergency Vehicle Operation, Vehicle Contacts, and OMVWI/SFST. Prerequisites: 10-504-900, 10-504-908 and 10-504-901. Lecture/lab. 5 credits.

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