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Wisconsin Technical College System Certification

Certification is granted by the Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS). The certification process begins after a college within the Wisconsin Technical College Systems has hired a person. The individual does not pay a fee for initial certification nor certification renewal.

Provisional Certification

Most instructors are granted Provisional Certification upon employment in the WTCS. The WTCS employs both academic and occupational instructors.

Academic instructors must have a minimum of a Bachelor's Degree with a major in the subject area or 20 credits in the subject area and 2,000 hours of non-educational work experience.

Occupational instructors must have a Bachelor's Degree or equivalent occupational experience and 4,000 hours of work experience in the field they will teach.

Instructors certified at the provisional level are ultimately working toward 5-Year Certification, which can require additional course work in the subject area and the completion of the following seven education courses:
#50 Curriculum/Course Construction
#51 Philosophy of Vocational, Technical & Adult Education
#52 Teaching Methods
#53 Educational Psychology
#54 Educational Evaluation
#55 Guidance and Counseling
#69 Educational Diversity


Part-Time Approval Certification

Part-time Approval is issued only to Occupational Instructors teaching no more than 2 courses.

More information regarding certification can be found on the Wisconsin Technical College System website.

If you have questions concerning certification that cannot be answered through this link, please contact Carol Wozniczka, Nicolet College Certification Officer, 715-365-4416 or email