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Auditions for:

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

By William Shakespeare
Directed by Jim Nuttall
Monday and Tuesday, March 5 & 6
7:00 pm at the Nicolet Theatre, Rhinelander

The Story

In one of Shakespeare’s most beloved romantic comedies, four fantastic stories are woven together in a single fanciful night: the wedding of an Athenian Duke to his Queen; the comic misadventures of four lovers lost in the forest; an uproarious throw-down between the King and Queen of the Fairies; and the hilarious antics of a group of amateur actors. This fairytale fantasia proves what fools these mortals be, and that the course of true love never did run smooth.

This is a big show: Humans and faeries, magic and love, ornate costumes and makeup, and all of it performed with Shakespeare’s original language.

Character Information

There are 21 roles in all (8-13 men & 8-13 women). Half the parts are for younger actors (teens-20’s), and the other half are for older actors 30-70. Shakespeare tended to favor male actor parts, but this play could be cast evenly with half female and half male roles.

Here are the four character groupings as Shakespeare listed them:

The Athenian Elders

THESEUS, Duke of Athens
HIPPOLYTA, Queen of Amazons, betrothed to Theseus
PHILOSTRATE, master of the revels to Theseus
EGEUS, father to Hermia

The Athenian Youth

DEMETRIUS, in love with Hermia
HELENA, in love with Demetrius
LYSANDER, in love with Hermia
HERMIA, daughter to Egeus, in love with Lysander

The Faeries

OBERON, king of the fairies
PUCK, or Robin Goodfellow
TITANIA, queen of the fairies
COBWEB, a fairy
MOTH, a fairy

The Mechanicals

BOTTOM, a weaver
QUINCE, a carpenter
FLUTE, a bellows-mender
SNOUT, a tinker
SNUG, a joiner
STARVELING, a tailor

Here are the same parts this time grouped by age/sex


THESEUS, Duke of Athens Male, 40-70
HIPPOLYTA, betrothed to Theseus. Female 30-70
EGEUS, father to Hermia Male, 40-70
OBERON, king of the fairies, Male, 40-60
TITANIA, queen of the fairies Female 30-50
BOTTOM (Pyramus), a weaver, Male 30-60
QUINCE (Prologue), a carpenter, Male 30-70


PUCK, or Robin Goodfellow, Male (maybe female) around 20
DEMETRIUS, in love with Hermia, Male around 20
HELENA, in love with Demetrius, Female around 20, Tall
LYSANDER, in love with Hermia, Male around 20
HERMIA, in love with Lysander, Female around 20, Short
COBWEB, a fairy, Female, teen MOTH, a fairy, Female, teen
MUSTARDSEED, a fairy, Female, teen
PEASEBLOSSOM, a fairy, Female, teen
FLUTE (Thisbe), a bellows-mender, Male, around 20 


PHILOSTRATE, master of the revels to Theseus, Male or Female any age 
SNOUT(Wall), a tinker, probably male, any age
SNUG (Lion), a joiner, probably male, any age
STARVELING (Moon), a tailor, probably male, any age


Here are other websites with detailed character descriptions:

Audition Information

Auditions will consist of readings from short sections of the script, repeated several times until all auditioning have had several chances to read.  As always, everyone is welcome; you do not need to be a student at Nicolet or have any previous experience in acting to be in the cast. No preparation is required, although actors are best prepared if they have read the script beforehand.  You only need to audition on one of the two nights (though many actors choose to attend both).

You will need to bring your calendars so you can list any conflicts you may have for rehearsals.   

Rehearsal Details

Rehearsals will run from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm, 4-5 night a week. The play breaks down very well into different groups, so just about everyone will get nights of as we rehearse other scenes with other characters. We can work around schedule conflicts if there aren’t too many, you just have to list them when you come to auditions – after that, you are committed to being at rehearsal if you are scheduled.  The last couple weeks of rehearsals will need everyone present. 

Performances are May 4-6 & 10-13. Performances start at 7:30 except for the Sunday matinees which start at 2:00

Further Information

We will be trimming down the more baffling stretches of dialogue.  We’ll supply copies of the edited script. Shakespeare scripts are readily available online – here’s a full version: Here is a version with a side by side “modern English” translation: Here is a simple plot summary: Here is a more detailed study guide from the Royal Shakespeare Company: Questions? Contact Jim Nuttall at 715-365-4476 or just email your questions to him at

Here are the audition scenes for actors over 25
Here are the audition scenes for actors under 25
Here is a breakdown by page showing what scenes the characters are in (X=speaking, 0=onstage non-speaking)
Here is a calendar for the length of the show. Rehearsal schedule has not been established yet.



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