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God of Carnage

By Yasmine Reza
Directed by Jim Nuttall


Monday and Tuesday, September 11 and 12
7 pm
Nicolet College Theatre, Rhinelander

The Story

A comedy of manners only without the manners, God of Carnage tells the story of two upper middle class New York couples whose children have had a playground fight that cost one of them some teeth, and meet for an evening of civilized discussion to work things out. Violence, they want to show their children, is never the answer. But violence along with rage, hysteria, confrontation, and the stripped-bare fault lines of two relationships and four human beings are what they show their audience, and themselves, in ninety breathtaking minutes. When the play opened on Broadway, the New York Times called it "a streamlined anatomy of the human animal [that] incites the kind of laughter that comes from the gut, as involuntary as hiccups or belching."

Audition Information         

There are four characters in the play (two couples). Actors auditioning should be able to pass for someone that has an 11-year old child.  Everyone is onstage for almost the entire play, so plan to attend most rehearsals.

The characters in this play have a of depth and the cast will have to “find the funny” in this dark comedy.  The actors will need to convey to the audience that these two couples have less emotional maturity than their own children. Exact memorization of the lines will be a requirement – no paraphrasing for this show.

God of Carnage has been produced by many professional theatres over the years – consequently there is a lot of information written about it.  Here are two good websites that describe the four characters:

Auditions will consist of readings from short sections of the script, repeated several times until all auditioning have had several chances to read.  As always, everyone is welcome; you do not need to be a student at Nicolet or have any previous experience in acting to be in the cast. No preparation is required, although actors are best prepared if they have read the script beforehand.  You only need to audition on one of the two nights (though many actors choose to attend both).

Please bring your calendars so you can list any conflicts you may have for rehearsals.  

The play was also made into a film by Roman Polanski, simply called “Carnage.”  The screenplay is almost identical to the play version.  Do not imitate the film actors' performances as the acting is “cinematic” and the live theatre acting will need to be much different. 

Rehearsal Details

Cast members must be available for all rehearsals (September 15 - November 2). Rehearsals will run from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm. Schedule conflicts may be worked around if there aren’t too many.  The cast is onstage for almost the entire play, so plan to attend most rehearsals.

Performances will be held:

Friday - Sunday, November 3 - 5;
Thursday - Sunday,  November 9 - 12
7:30 pm / 2 pm on Sundays

Further Information

Scripts are available for a three day checkout from the service desk on the second floor of the Lakeside Center at Nicolet College in Rhinelander.

Questions? Contact Jim Nuttall at 715-365-4476 or


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