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Strategic Vision

Strategic Vision Nicolet 2020 

I. Mission and Integrity 

A. Nicolet College articulates the mission of our College clearly 
 and publicly. 

B. Nicolet College recognizes the diversity of its learners,
 constituencies, and the greater global society. 

C. An understanding of and support for the integration and 
 connectedness of our academic and workforce/economic 
 development mission pervades all of the work of our learning-
 centered College. 

D. Nicolet College promotes effective leadership and supports
 collaborative processes in our governance and administrative

E. Employees uphold and protect the integrity of the College. 

II. Preparing for the Future 

 A.  Nicolet College prepares for a future which is shaped by 
  multiple societal and economic trends. Appropriate data
  and feedback loops are available and used throughout
  the College. 

 B. Nicolet College works to strengthen its resource base for
  quality education and workforce development into the future. 

 C. Nicolet College evaluates and assesses processes, 
  providing reliable evidence of institutional effectiveness for 
  continuous improvement and accountability. 

 D. Our learning-centered College aligns all levels of planning to
  ensure our capacity to fulfill our mission. 

III. Student Learning, Effective Teaching, and Student Success 

 A.  We align clearly stated student learning outcomes at the  
  institutional, program, and course levels with effective
  direct and indirect assessments. 

B. Nicolet College values and supports effective teaching. 

C. Nicolet College promotes an effective learning environment

D. Nicolet College provides resources to support student
  learning, effective teaching, and student success.

IV.  Acquisition, Discovery, and the Application of
       Knowledge and Skill in the 21st Century 

A.  As a learning-centered College, Nicolet demonstrates 
  through the actions of its Board, administrators, students, 
  faculty, and staff that it values lifelong learning and the
  acquisition of our 21st Century Core Abilities. 

B.  Nicolet College demonstrates that acquisition of a breadth
  of  knowledge and skills and the exercise of intellectual  
  inquiry and creativity are integral to our education and
  workforce development programs for the 21st Century. 

C. Nicolet College assesses the usefulness of its curricula to
  students who will live and work in a global, diverse, and 
  technological society. 

D. Nicolet College provides support services to ensure that 
  students, faculty, and staff can acquire, discover and apply
  knowledge, core abilities, and skills responsibly and   

V.  Engagement, Service, and Public Trust

A.  Nicolet College learns from the constituencies it serves and 
  forms PK-16 collaborations to enhance capacity to serve their 
  needs and expectations. 

B.  As a public institution of higher education, Nicolet College 
  commits to engaging and collaborating with our communities
  in fulfilling our civic mission in our American democracy. 

C. Nicolet College provides value and enrichment through the
  educational and other services we deliver to the communities
  and businesses of the Northwoods district and our state. 

D. Nicolet College exercises fiscal responsibility throughout
  College operations and serves as a thoughtful and trusted
  steward of public resources.

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